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Don’t Give Up! Pregnancy is Possible WHEN IVF FAILS

We understand what it feels like when you had your first IVF cycle and it failed. You may feel passing through a lot of emotional trauma, disappointment, sadness, maybe even anger that you didn’t get the result you wanted from the fertility treatment which is natural. I would suggest that let yourself grieve a bit as its natural to feel that way and it’s okay that you feel disappointed about the same. Take your time a week or two so that you can come out of this mental trauma and prepare for the next.

Once you get over your past let’s face this hard fact that all the issues that affect the IVF treatment cannot be corrected. But we can improve upon some certain things to make your chances of conceiving in the next cycle of IVF. The main cause of failure of the 1st IVF cycle is that embryo(s) transferred to the uterus were “incompetent”. That is the egg(s) were not of good quality which is why it did not propagate a viable pregnancy. This might be possible due to the irregular number of chromosomes in the embryo (aneuploidy). Generally, first IVF failure does not reduce the chances of conceiving through the IVF. It is said that after 5 unsuccessful IVF failure the chances of conceiving through the IVF decreases by 1% which is very normal. In some instances of IVF failure, couples get pregnant naturally that is without the treatment through IVF and thus they do not have to wait for the next IVF cycle and do not have to get the fertility treatment in such cases, which is termed as spontaneous pregnancy after the IVF fails. Now let’s examine some hard fact due to which the IVF fails and later we will see what to do when IVF fails. 

1. Age factor
Age plays an important factor in IVF treatment. As your age grows the eggs get older and the qualities of the eggs go down. Growing also leads to fewer numbers of the egg produced. The ideal age to conceiving through the IVF treatment is 30. Post 30 the decline starts and it goes down with increasingly high rate once you reach post 37.

2. Embryo Quality matters a lot
The main cause in the decline of the quality of the embryo is again the age factor. As you grow older the quality of your eggs starts declining. In some cases, this may be also due to the chromosomal and/or genetic defects. 

3. Ovarian Response should be taken into consideration
In a few cases, as the women’s ovaries have less number of eggs than what assumed to be, they do not produce multiple eggs and it makes the case more critical to conceive with IVF. This type of situation of having to poor response to fertility treatment in more, in cases you are above 37 and/or have high FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) or low AMH (antimullerian hormone) levels.

The points we need to keep in mind When IVF fails DR. RATHI will review the reports of your cycle carefully in order to rectify the problems before your next visit so that they can assess the reasons behind the cycle failed, including the results of the ovarian response, if there is any issues with egg quality or quantity, embryo development, or transfer of the embryos to your uterus. If there were problems with ovarian stimulation or egg quantity. If there is no problems with the eggs or the embryos, you may be successful with a second IVF cycle. If the problems is with embryo implantation and/or the female partner is aged, doctor may recommend preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) to screen the embryos in your next IVF cycle before implantation. Healthy embryos without the genetic problems is thus chosen by the doctor.

At our clinic doctor will give you an honest assessment about the chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Finally, I would suggest you to read an article about what to do before IVF to improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

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