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What To Do Before IVF

In Virto Fertilization(IVF) involves a series of procedure for fertility treatment which helps you in conceiving a child. Before starting the whole procedure of the IVF you should consult a specialist in the same field and understand it completely. Clear all your doubt by asking it to your doctor so that you can be comfortable and confident. You should be well aware of the various facts of what to do before IVF? Also, get the information about its risk and get your partner along with yourself completely checked for BP, Diabetes, and other infectious diseases. It is important to prepare well before IVF starts. Following are some of the tips to get prepared before IVF.

Due to the facts, it takes approximately 3 months or more for a follicle to mature and it affects the quality of your egg, you should be starting your preparation around 3 months before the IVF starts. Healthy growth of your baby depends upon the fertile environment in your body during pregnancy.

1. Diet 
First of all, you need to quit smoking and drinking also try to reduce the amount of caffeine intake in your diet. Consume high-quality parental supplements. Avoid eating western foods 3-6 months before you try to conceive. Food which offspring naturally is considered to be the best food as they contain reproductive essence with them also known as “Jing”. Some of these foods are eggs, whole grains, royal jelly, fish roe, nuts, artichokes, oysters, seeds, raw milk, goji berries, pollen, caviar, seaweed, algae, oysters, flax seeds, and sprouts. Include all these foods in your diet very frequently.

2. Exercise 
Months of IVF are very stressful, try some normal and mild exercise to keep yourself stress-free and fit. You can try any combination of these like footbath, bath, journaling, acupuncture, massage therapy. Try some mild yoga in consultation with your doctor. Find some time to meditate on a regular basis.

3. Improve sleep quality and quantity.
A good amount of quality sleep not only makes you feel good, which is very important for you to be stress-free but it also influences sex hormones, sperm production, and ovulation. Try to maintain a routine of sleep which involves going to bed on a fixed time regular basis and waking up in the morning at a fixed time. Do not keep electronic entertainment items in your bedroom such as TV, Phone, etc. Do not make your bedroom a work environment, rather be it as simple as you can.

4. Routine Checkups. 
Before IVF do not miss any of the routine check-ups prescribed by the doctor. It gives you the not only peace of mind but also makes you a little well informed about any complications.

Keeping in mind all the points listed here you can be sure that you are prepared to get better IVF cycle and you don’t need to do any extra effort or worry about the what to do before IVF. If you still feel uncomfortable and have any concern regarding what to do before IVF? Please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you with any kind of your concern related to before IVF. We wish you all the very best to have a healthy and beautiful baby.

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