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Surrogacy - Santan Sukh-Welcome To Dr. Rathi Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment

Final Option to have a Baby
If you are still childless even after multiple cycle of IVF Services, Surrogacy is the Final Option for you to get a baby. Surrogacy is the most viable option for women who are unable to biologically conceive babies owing to varied reasons. A surrogate women shall willingly rents her womb is the surrogate mother and the child thus conceived is called as a surrogate child. Pregnancy to surrogate shall be made using intended male parent sperm and self egg or donor egg.

Select the right surrogate mother
For us at Lushfema, we select and assign the surrogate mother to the surrogacy only after determining her overall health status. We forwards the intended parents a comprehensive profile along with the pictures of the surrogate mother. We also take care vital health checkup of surrogate mother so as to safe and successful surrogacy procedure. Aimed at maximizing the chances of success, we also replace the surrogate mother sometime after pre information to intended parents. At our centre, we make it a point to keep the intended parents in the loop while replacing the candidate by updating about her relevant details. Having someone who can assist you in finding the best surrogate, coordinate the different aspects of your journey and act as a mediator between you and your surrogate mother (if needed) will help remove some of the stress and anxiety.

Surrogacy Support to Intended Parents:
We support each intended parents to discover best surrogate for their baby. In us, you have someone who assist you in finding the best surrogate, coordinate the different facets of your surrogacy journey and act as an arbitrator between you and the surrogate mother. We are known to function with utmost integrity and transparency. We are accessible and available for any kind of support and guidance that you may require at any stage of the process. With us, you can feel free to consult an advocate proficient in reproductive law to provide the legal guidance that you will need.

Comprehensive surrogacy procedure
As a responsible surrogacy agency, we adopt a methodic and professional approach in surrogacy to have new born baby to intended parents. We have various surrogacy plans and pricing for each intended parents. Surrogacy with us starts at 9 Lakhs to 15 lakhs. Premium Surrogacy is also available for VIPs and VIIPs Couples. We also have option of Moneyback Guaranteed Surrogacy with 100% Refund of advance money paid.

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